This project is supported by the Scientific Research Fund of the Ministry of Higher Education for the purpose of documenting and displaying the Jordanian cultural heritage.The project transforms the classical way of presenting the rural house and the associated heritage assemblages at the Museum of Jordan's Heritage (Yarmok University) to a more modern and sophisticated ones that parallel western prestigious museums. The whole project relies on documenting the Jordanian heritage digitally using the modern techniques of 'virtual reality', laser scanning and 3d modeling. The availability of such a work over the World Wide Web (www) will promote and present Jordan's heritage and create more potential visitors either to the museum or to rural Jordan. At the same time, the digital form of the museum can be used as an effective tool in teaching and presenting the rural way of life in Jordan through distance learning as the project will be available on the web. The project will be sustainable as it will be launched on the www, the procured equipment will have been available for future documentations of archaeological artifacts and heritage assemblages at the museum, and as a teaching tool at the Faculty of Archaeology and Anthropology/Yarmouk University.

Museums have started to realize the potential of new technologies for the development of edutainment content and services for their visitors. One of these technologies is virtual reality that promises to offer a vivid, enjoyable experience to the museums guests. The rapid development in the field of museology has also demanded ease of access to museums through virtual promotions and presentations. This could only be achieved through virtual reality combined with the worldwide web (www). Virtual reality enables us to step into a computer generated artificial 3d world, where in many cases objects that do not exist in the real world can be easily simulated and visualized, especially objects that are difficult to understand through intuitive experience. The presentation of the Museum of Jordanian Heritage demands revolutionization to achieve the mission behind the establishment of the museum (Heritage presentation and teaching). To surpass the other regional museums, our museum is making a leap in transforming its contents to a digital form where tourists, scholars, and students can access freely and learn about the rural life in Jordan during the last few decades; a matter that is considered as a precious legacy that needs to be maintained and kept alive for generations to come. This project contributes to the preservation of the national identity of Jordan which stems its roots from the rural way of life.

The team of the project: Abdulla Al-Shorman, Yahia Shawabkih, Muafaq Bataineh, Mahmoud Alwan, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Hussien deebajah and Mousa Sarbal.

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